Navigraph Restarting On Andorid Tablet

Good morning forum,

I just recently started using Navigraph on a tablet mounted to the yolk for easier visibility of charts. I’ve been using it for awhile now on main PC / Screens without issue but do notice that during flight it will “reset” on the tablet.

Looks like the app closes, then re-starts but never fully restarts and I also can’t load the flight (just kind of hangs).

I have to close the app completed and re-launch. It will be good for a period of time then do it again.

The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Freshly formatted, up to date and the only thing installed / running is Navigraph.

Has anyone seen this before?




Charts requires a reliable internet connection. You might like to check your wifi and internet connection.
See also Constant disconnect and reconnects to internet



I’ll give a read through the link provided but I am not learning towards an internet connection issue given the SIM and everything else running that requires internet (including charts on the sim PC) all continue to function without issue.

I actually timed it last night and it drops consistantly between 30-45 minutes.