Navigraph App is crashing on Final

Hi there,

I use the Navigraph App on an Android 7.0 tablet for nearly 2 years with P3D v5. At the beginning everything was fine but since last summer the App keeps crashing every single flight. Sometimes it’s midair but in 90% of the cases it’s when I turn final. It’s quite disappointing as I put my landings charts out and bam - the app is down. I then have to sign in again which sometimes fails. If I can sign in, it won’t connect to my PC and I have to restart Simlink. Now I don’t know whether the app or Simlink is the problem.

I tried to clear cache/data and reinstalled the app several times. The app is up to date.

Is there a fix or a solution for this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have exactly the same problem. Most of the time during flight the app runs smoothly, but usually during approach/final, it crashes. Very annoying, happening more than 50% of the time.