Navigraph prompts during flight plan setup

During Navigraph flight plan creation when adding waypoints, at times it comes up with a prompt with more than one choice that I am not sure how to respond to.

  1. For example, a prompt comes up with the option to insert after and the other choice is to insert before.
    One option is to insert cyyz after cyyz and another option is to insert cyyz before cyyz. I am not clear what this means.
    (My point 2 below should clarify reason for trying to add the same waypoint twice)

  2. When selecting a VOR to fly from and after adding it to the flight plan, the dotted line from the VOR does not change to solid like other waypoints Therefore not being sure what the outcome will be, I try to add it again. Yet, It still remains dotted. And does not provide any hints either.

ADDED new questions:

As I am trying to learn to create new flight plan, I need some help please in understanding how this whole thing works. In the absence of specific information so far about the outcome when adding additional waypoints, I believe any related help would really be greatly appreciated.
This is in context of the before and after wording and multiples of existing waypoints allowed.

  1. Why does Navigraph allow you to add multiples of the same waypoint. Is this something that one may use or need to? If true, then what are those scenarios?

  2. What’s the order or logic or rule in general when adding new waypoints from the perspective of previously existing waypoints? I think there is a fixed behaviour. If so, what is it?

  3. Is there a way to add new waypoints to newer locations that are not connected yet?

I searched to get specific answers to these items in several Navigraph videos and other Navigraph related information without any luck.



Please post screenshots to clarify your questions using Guide to posting Screenshots. e.g give examples of the waypoints you are trying to add and where in the flightplan.

Please give examples of multiples of the same waypoints, dotted lines etc.