Navigraph Plugin and /1200 euros in Plane 12 for MAC

Hi folks,

Nothing preventing me to use Xplane on Mac OS but, just Errors in the log.txt. The Errors lengthen the loading time which is already considérable .
I join an extract of the lotgtxt

Navigraph error.pdf (37.1 KB)

Will appreciate your feedback and advises.
Best regards

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Please check these steps and after that Please reinstall the Simlink Plugins.


Vishal Ahir

Thank you for you Quick answer.

  1. there is no folder / file from Navigraph in my Library.
  2. I did reload Navilink.
  3. I attached the extract of the XP12 lot file.No change unfortunately.

You did not answer on the other topics : Errors ( it pas written Euros, thank to my orthographe correction) with /1200 file generated by Navigraph.

Thanks again for your support.

Best Regards

Nav Errors 2.pdf (22.1 KB)


Please check the below points,

  1. Make sure you install the latest version of Simlink from here.
  2. After installing the Simlink application, please log in and reinstall Simlink Plugins.
  3. Make sure the Simlink application has permission to access the storage.
    To check Simlink application storage permission: Goto macOS System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Files and Folders

Please let us know if you still have the issue.


Vishal Ahir