Navigraph on game screen does not reload auto as before in order to sign in on msfs

Hi team as this is my first time I have to congratulate to the amazing work have done ( I am a commercial pilot ), to the point now, till yesterday upon loading the aircraft to start flying, the Navigraph was pop up requesting sign in it self on the games screen , now does not and if I-choose through the bar navigraph charts then although pop up remains blank.
Simbrief works perfect simpad too, and navigraph outside the game perfect, can we solve this issue please ?

Hello Georgios, welcome to the forum!

We had an issue that matches your description yesterday, and the solution is to reinstall the panel from the NNC. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Here’s the relevant thread for reference: In-Game Panel shows blank - #12 by skysail

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Hi Malte , works now after the reload, appreciate much your quick respond

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You’re welcome! Glad that it got resolved.

Have a nice evening!

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