Navigraph not updating in X-Plane11

I have read all the other issues in this regard and followed all the advice regarding deleting “ProgramDate” and “ProgramFiles”. I also had a pop-up when reinstalling Navigraph that it was unable to uninstall “…Resources\Plugins\NavigraphSimLink_64.xpi” file amd asking me to delete it manually. This I did and reinstalled FMC and Naivgraph charts. I noted that file returned to the folder but still the ‘out of date’ message shows on the FMC. Having done all of this AND having deleted Zibo 737 Mod and reinstalled it I am still seeing that the NavData is out of date (it shows the cycle ended yesterday, 16 June).
Presumably I am doing something wrong so any advice will be gratefully received.



You may just be getting that message because your FS is showing 17 June and the AIRAC 2106 hasn’t released yet. This should occur in about 3-4 hours. I suggest you update then and advise if the OUT OF DATE message is resolved.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for that. It had occurred to me only an hour ago that maybe it is because I am in Australia and it is still 16 June in the west. I noticed that when I loaded ToLiss A321 the ‘out of date data’ message did not appear. I’ll let you know if I still have difficulty after the rest of the word catches up with “Oz”.

Again, many thanks for responding so quickly. Best simulator decision I ever made subscribing to Navigraph.