NAVData out of date upon update to 2213

Hi all. I’ve been using Navigraph for quite a while, and rarely encounter issues. I just updated to AIRAC 2213, now the sim (X Plane 11) shows navdata out of date. I reverted back to 2212 and reinstalled, but no go. Is there anything I can do to resolve this? Thank you!


There can be a number of reasons for NAVDATA out of date message . Please see FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date

In say default B737, do the dates of your AIRAC match the current 2213 dates?

How have you updated your navdata ? Did you use FMS Data Manager or manual copy?.

Screenshots help using Guide to posting Screenshots

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Thanks for your response! I only fly GA aircraft (specifically Cessna and Baron). In the Cessna sim I tried finding the AIRAC date but I don’t think the in-sim Garmin 530 provides that capability. I’ll check later in the Baron - but it only has the 430 so I don’t expect it to be any different. Oh I see you’re saying to load up the default 737 - will try that as well.

I update via the FMS Data Manager. All was good until I updated that product version. It also upgraded my AIRAC from 2212 to 2213. BTW I did that b/c I am also attempting to transition to X Plane 12. Initially I noticed the FMS Data Manager wasn’t supporting XP12, which prompted me to upgrade.

I also attempted to remove and reinstall the FMS Data Manager; but it didn’t make a difference. Will check the Baron & 737 later, and report back.

Happy New Year to you as well!


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