Navigraph Map - XPlane11 (AVITAB) - Flightpath is it possible?

Hi All,
I have a Navigraph subscription, and I can get the Navigraph Moving Map fine, in XPLANE11 via ‘AVITAB’. My question is… Is it possible to get the same moving map - showing your highlighted flightplan ‘flight path’ ?? ( I don’t mean on the Navigraph charts that you can load up behind the sim, but on the Moving Map, within Xplane, itself ?? Look at the attached, for what I mean.
Thanks Guys !!!scrnshot

Hello Ian! Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately no, not with Avitab at least. This is not something that we can affect either, as we are not the developers behind Avitab. For this feature to be available, the developers would have to implement it themselves.

A working example of an implementation that supports the feature you’re asking would be the Flight Factor A320, as their EFB also wraps a web browser, with which you can visit

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