No moving map

I have a similar problem, at least with X-plane 12. Everything works perfectly in MSFS, and I can load the route from Simbrief into the 737-800 in XP12. However, I am struggling to get my XP12 plane to show up in moving maps.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you.

I think the newest version of Navigraph is excellent and being able to load it “in sim” (MSFS) more than makes up for the lack of an EFB in the PMDG 737-700.



Please provide the following screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots.

Try clicking Uninstall Simlink, then Install Simlink.

Start X-Plane 12.

Start the latest V 8.22.0 of Charts 8. Click on Moving Map icon:

Please post screenshot of any error messages you receive?


Hi Ian,

Thank you for your incredibly speedy response!

I am pleased to say that you pointed me in the direction and I found that the X-plane 12 plug-in was not showing in the “Plugin Status”.

Now resolved.

Thanks again for your help and for a really great product!