Navigraph loads LOWI LOC R when LOC DME EAST is elected

i use charts deskotop Win10. using the latest version.
when i select the approch LOC DME EAST (LOWI) on my loaded flightplan (from simbrief), navigraph automatically selects the LOC R approach and pins that chart instead of the selected LOC DME EAST.

i have this issue over and over again, already since a long time (approx. a year).
Seems to me as a bug.

if i select LOC R as approach, LOC R is loaded/pinned.

here is a video of the issue described above.


hello ppl,
i still have the issue using the latest version of navigraph nav data and latest navigraph charts desktop app. can anyone recreate the issue?

Hello! Thanks for posting this and apologies for the late response, this post went completely under our radar… It’s great that you bumped it!

I can confirm, but unfortunately, I am not sure much can be done about it. There is nothing linking LOC RWY 26 to LOC DME EAST, so there is not much for us to go on.

We’ll investigate before we’re absolutely sure about this though! I’ll let you know as soon as we have had a chance to take a closer look!

Kind Regards,

Thanks for picking up that issue.

with LOC DME EAST, the LOC RWY26 was meant.

so still, if LOC RWY26 is selected and in my flight plan, and i hit the three little dots on “LOC RWY26” and select “open charts” (on the top menu where the flight plan is displayed), the “LOC R” chart opens.

You get that chart because it is the only one directly linked to the selected procedure, be it LOC RWY 26 or LOC R RW 26. We can only link procedures to their corresponding charts by name, and there is nothing in the procedure name LOC RWY 26 that corresponds with the chart name LOC DME EAST.

There is another tricky scenario hidden in here as well - there are two LOC DME EAST charts! One is special though, so which one would we be supposed to use even if we could link the procedure to those charts? Probably the non-special one, but then someone else is not going to be happy :sweat_smile:

That’s the challenge and as far as I can see, there is no way around this. But I have added this to our internal bug tracker so that we can get a second pair of eyes on this before I rule out the possibility of a solution!

We have investigated this issue, and unfortunately the conclusion is that nothing can be done about this now since we do not have enough information to make the connection between the chart and procedure, just as mentioned.

If at any point in the future we get more data that allows us to make this work, we will! Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Kind Regards,

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