Navigraph Installation Troubles


After reading all FAQ and reading the forums as well as doing multiple uninstalls and installs, I still get the following “not installed” message in the Content Manager:

I have carefully followed all the steps in your guide and everything installs as they should (including navdata in the community folder, however, for some reason FS2020 won’t recognize this.

Any suggestions?





This is a bug in MSFS. The Navigraph Beta Update should have been installed.
As per FAQ - Is the Beta Update Installed?

Check if you have airports EDDS, LTFM or ZBAD ?

Default data:

Navigraph Data:

If yes you have successfully installed the update. We shall investigate the NOT INSTALLED message in Content Manager.


Thanks for the swift reply Ian, I can indeed find those airports - should have looked those up earlier. However, my suspicions arose when there were a couple of waypoints still missing (such as VOLAM transition in MDSD) together with the “not installed” message in the content manager.

Thanks again for a great product!

This problem seems to occur for all addons.

Please see Addons in Community appear as NOT INSTALLED in Content Manager, after updating to and World Update IV, although they are installed - Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


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