Navigraph hub

hello I can not open the hub to update my airac impossible to open the hub thank you for your help


Could you provide some more details please? What happens? Can you paste a screenshot here?



I can't move from this page

What happened when you close the browser, as you can read?


nothing I have uninstalled and reinstalled always the same the same window which appears really problematic

So, when you close this window, what happened with the Navigraph Hub, which runs in the background (where you have pressed the button)?


I fall back on the opening window to enter my identifiers

a friend of mine has this problem with an error message : A JavaScript error occured in the main process
This message happens during the first run of the new Navigraph Hub after to sign in. The Navigraph page of this topic is displayed and a popup with the error message too.
We have tried to delete ans reinstall Navigraph Hub, to update Javascript Dll : always the same message.
Have you a solution to fix this ?

i have the same issue. Hub page is blank with only a sign in button, pressing button does nothing. i also saw that java script error a few days back during the hub introduction. Im now stuck and unable to update airacs. Browser is edge, on Windows 11. any help would be greatly appreciated. Rick

Thank you That’s it, I was able to solve my problem. Thank you very much for your response.

Hi, if, with the error message, you are able to find how to fix this error, please give us the solution.

Hi guys,

We are investigating these issues and will get back to you. Sorry for the inconvencience.

Kind regards,


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