Navigraph Hub works under Linux at this time

Hey there!

I’ve seen couple of threads here in the past with subscribed users requesting some way to update NAvdata in MSFS ran under Linux.

I do understand that Navigraph under Linux is not supported, and should not be, but good news here is that it works without any hitch via same Proton that runs your game yourself. In short - if you’re able able to run Steam version MSFS via Steam provided Proton layer - you won’t have any trouble to run Navigraph Hub in same Proton prefix (I.e. same Windows-like file hierarchy created for your game by Proton)

To do that

  1. Find where your game installed (it’s different from where Steam points you) - let it be path1
  2. Find which version of Proton you run your game with and find a path to its executable - let it be path 2
  3. In Terminal:

export WINEPREFIX=“path1”
./path2/wine /path to Navigraph Hub installer

It should work for everyone
You will be sent to browser to log in, then Hub window should detect everything you have and you go from there.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for sharing your solution! We are happy to hear that it works for you.

To be clear (perhaps mainly for others coming here based on Google searches), Navigraph does not officially support this configuration or environment.

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