Navigragh Hub Problem

Sorry, I’m asking the question again. A few days ago I took out a subscription to Navigraph. Downloaded the Navigraph software. I use X-Plane 11. With VR Glasses. Navigraph Hub displays the following message: “No simulators found.” What am I doing/what is going wrong here?

There has been a topic about this before. I read through the answers/solutions, but it doesn’t make me much wiser. Therefore again my question.

Just a quick note. Navigraph FMS DATA Manager sees X plane 11 AND Little Navmap.


Navigraph Hub is for MSFS and MSFS addons. To update X-Plane and X-Plane addons, you use FMS Data Manager.


Thanks for the quick reply. More should do that. I didn’t realize, that it was only for MSFS. Then I delete it from my ‘machine’.
Thanks again.

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