Navigraph fails to install FSX

Trying to install the latest version of Navigraph for FSX Steam edition and MSFS (not steam).
During the install an error box comes up Unable to copy NavigraphSimlink.dll to G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps … - I recently cloned my HDD as I was running out of space. The copy program setup a G: drive to make the clone. The G: drive went away after successfully removing the old drive and installing the new drive. The Drive was then renamed D: - My question is actually simple - Where is the drive setup information coming from ? I checked the registry for G:\SteamLibrary* and got no hits, so figure there must be a configuration file ? What is it ? And can I go in and update to point to the D: drive.



You could check %appdata%\Navigraph\Simlink\.mapping.


This is odd. Was able to change and save the file with the updated drive mapping. Exited and opened and reloaded. Verified the mapping was saved. Downloaded a new copy of Simlink from the website. Ran as administrator. At the first screen, checked, opened and verified mapping were still pointed to D: - Closed .mapping file again. Clicked next on setup wizard. Got error, and mapping file had changed back to G:

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