Navigraph does not open on Tablet

I use in conjunction of my simulator (s) a Surface Pro Tablet . I wish to load Navigraph Charts on it, but I received an error message “Unable to start correctly ( 0x00007b).”
I successfully loaded Navigraph on my Desktop dedicated Sim computer for P3D v4 and also for MSFS 2020.
I understand from the Forum that I must not use SimLink on my tablet. Also since Surface Pro is a Microsoft Window computer, I downloaded the Window Navigraph App instead of the Android.
Any help will be appreciated



This is likely a Windows System issue on your tablet.

Please install both Visual C++ Redistributables as per
FAQ - FMS Error “api-ms-win-ctr-runtime-l1-1-0.dll” or “(0xc000007b)”

Please let us know how you get on.


Thanks Ian for your help. I followed step by step your advice to no avail. However I found if I just use the “Cloud” that works.

Hi Charles,

You are welcome. Glad you have a solution. We are beta testing a cross platform new version of Charts. When released you should try this on your tablet. It has many goodies.