Navigraph charts Offline

Since a week or so my Navigraph charts give me the following message:

There seem to be a problem with your connection. Please check your network.
The app will automatically resume as soon as the problem is resolved.

With a clickable button Retry Manually

But i am unable to click on it.
I am online and cable connected to the internet.

The ingame panel works

Help needed, help appreciated

Did you ever get any help for this? I am currently having that issue as well

Hi, this has slipped through our net - apologies for the delayed answer!

Is this still an issue for you @Manu5Ahau ?

The message simply means that the application was unable to reach our servers, hosted by AWS (Amazon) with 99.9% uptime. This means that the connection problem is very likely to be between you and AWS, or between your ISP and AWS.

In the first case, you can check your firewall or router settings. Even trying a different internet connection, such as your phone in hotspot mode, can help track down the issue!
Other things that are known troublemakers are VPNs, certain antivirus software with network monitoring and proxy tools that install self-signed certificates.

In the other case (issues between your ISP and AWS) - there is not much you, or we, can do about it. Except for contacting your ISP and letting them know about it of course!

I hope that helps with the investigation!

Kind Regards,

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