Navigraph charts mismatch

Hi guys,

I think I came across a chart error.

According to Navigraph there is clearly a waterbody present on the chart south of airport “LYNK”

But this doesn’t match with what is visible in the simulator nor is it visible in google maps.

Just wanted to let you know.

Cheers Mark

Navigraph Charts

Google Maps

Hi Mark,

Thank you for reporting this. It does look a bit strange. We shall investigate.


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Hi Mark,

We base our underlying map on OpenStreetMap data. There this “water” is indicated too, with dashed lines, which probably means swamp or seasonal wetland.

If you think this is in error you can report/contribute to OpenStreetMap which is a community project, and correct such problems.

In any case, we’ll investigate if we can make the same dashed pattern to indicate that it is not a normal water body/lake.

Kind regards,


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Hi @stephen and @Ian ,

Thanks for investigating this. Now it is clear to me what the issue is.

This just caught my eye as I was flying VFR looking for landmarks. There could be way more “errors” like this.

What do you think of these inaccuracies? Is this something we need to report or will this be corrected with map updates down the line automatically?

I know that Navigraph will strive to provide us charts that are complete and accurate.

If reporting these errors will help to achieve this, I am glad to contribute my observations.

Cheers Mark

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