Loading the Avionics Plugins..?

Hello! And thank you for your great nav & charts utility, Love It! :slight_smile:

Reg Avionics plugins and MSFS2020.
Just so I got it right… I Only need to load the Navigraph Avionics Plugins in my Community if I am going to use an Aircraft that has one of these units , Right? (G1000 or G3000).

If so, does it matter resource-wise, if I always have ALL the Navigraph stuff in my Community. including the Avionics Plugins all the time, or will this bog the system down or use resources even if I dont use them in the sim?

Thanks!, David.

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Yes, that sounds correct.

No, for two reasons!

  • The plugins are not performance-intensive at all. If you are not interacting with anything that they provide, they are idle and will have no impact.

  • The plugins are only ever loaded in avionics that have explicit support for those specific plugins. If you load any other aircraft, the plugin code will not even be touched!

I hope that makes things clear! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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