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When I open the navigraph app and type any airport I wanna see, I click for example ILS OR LOC 21 and I just see a black screen. I tried everything I waited about 5 minutes and tried other airports and charts, still didn’t work.

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I believe that this is connected to the question in our Discord. If that is the case, please also include the screenshot you provided there for completeness!

It looks like you are somehow using our app in RTL mode, which is not supported at the moment. I have added some additional logging to your account, please give it a go again - I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to confirm this to be the issue!

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Hi, I tried again and it still doesn’t work, it’s showing this:

Thank you! I looked at your logs, and I can confirm that you are receiving the chart that you are pressing, even if it is not displayed. Is there any way that you could try disabling RTL for this app and try again?

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Do you mean that i chose language that uses right-to-left?

Our application does not generally look like what you are showing in your screenshot. It is built (and intended to be used) with the sidebar to the left and the content to the right.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how you ended up with this layout, so I can only guess what the cause might be. My first guess was that your phone was set up for a right-to-left language, but perhaps that is not the case. I have never seen our application behave this way, sorry!

Yes, you are right. My main language is Hebrew and in Hebrew, we speak from the right to the left. but I don’t know how to change the language to English.

Never Mind, I saw a tutorial on youtube on how to change language and then I tried to open the Navigraph app and now it’s working! Thank you very much!

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That is great to hear! We will address this in a future update so that you can keep using any language you want for the rest of the tablet experience. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime!

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