Navgraph does not detect an active sim running X-Plane 11 on Mac OS Big Sur

Installed Navgraph Charts 7.3.7 on Mac OS Big Sur - Running X-Plane 11.52R1 Navgraph does not detect a running sim. How to fix this?



We shall investigate . In the meantime please use FMS Data Manual Installations


Hi Ian - problem resolved - I reinstalled the Navgraph app including Simlink (had to do the Simlink a couple of time) when starting X-Plane the app crashed on start up - retried and this time came up - still no running sim detected, Closed X-plane and Navgraph then restarted Navgraph and then started X-Plane and vola the Sim was detected. It was like learning the L1011-500 Digital acft back in 1980 when if all else failed - shut the acft down - get off the acft and walk around it 3 times then get back in and try it again.
Tks for the prompt action on your part
Brgds rusty