Navdata centre

i was going to update MSFS and the Fen through the nav data centre. but read on Avsim that had been some kind of glitch. So i went ahead and uninstalled my current version and downloaded the latest nav centre update , it looked to install normally and get a splash screen asking me to sign in , go to click on it and nothing unclickable, ive also turned off anti virus and tried again with the same result , so i checked the folder where it insalled itself and it was empty ?? any ideas dont remember having this issue before

I have this same problem. Uploaded Navigraph Data Center update and now when I click on the icon nothing happens. MSFS was updated previously to SU12 before I updated the Navigraph Data Center.

Exactly the same here , tried a different browser , turning off anti virus/ firewall no difference , I have no idea now need some assistance!

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