Multiple route transitions showing?

Hi all, relatively new user.

Just wondering why multiple transitions remain on the map after routing is completed?
I may have accidentally switched something on or off…

Hello and thank you for the question. We will try to help you out on this. This feature helps obtain a visual on the procedures that are available.

In our case we only need to fly to the transition called CWARD. However, charts 8 will show you the available transitions. SLI, LAX are two transitions listed on the chart. We do not need to fly to these points. Once we hit CWARD, we can head for SNA represented by the dashed lines. So to sum this up, charts 8 will give us a visual representation or overlay of the available transitions. Let us know if that helps.

Thanks - as you can see in my example, the approach to SNA was chosen, yet the transitions for CWARD remain visible.

In the example below (KDOV to KBWI), only the chosen routing remains visible after the approach to BWI is selected:

I haven’t figured out the difference between the two, i.e. why the whole Departure remains visible.



There is something going on. We’re investigating. You should not see other transitions than the one you’ve selected in your flight.



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Thanks Stephen. I think we must have been typing at the same time.

Glad to see this being addressed as I have experienced this several times as well.

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So, I wanted to ask about this issue too. I am new to Navigraph as of this past weekend and find myself frustrated with a similar issue. I thought I was doing something wrong.

Here is what is going on with me. Things seem fine when I load the .pln file in World Map. It seems to plot the appropriate FP I created from Navigraph Charts. However, when I open the in-game panel after hitting the FLY command, I get the pop-up message that Navigraph has detected an active flight plan would I like to load or dismiss. If I select load, it incorrectly loads the FP with all the other STARs (like above) and my original flight plan is not obvious. I then exit the panel, re-enter and hit dismiss when the dialog pops up. Sometimes that helps, other times it doesn’t. Frankly, I have been avoiding this function and just using the charts.

Am I doing something else wrong?

Also, I am still not clear on the “sync with current flight” toggle on the bottom of the screen. Is that simply linking the associated selectable charts along the bottom of the screen to the individual segments of the flight plan I have created?

Thanks. CP

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