Multi-Legged Route Planning

Having the ability to plan multiple legs directly in Simbrief i.e.:

I want to plan 3,4,5+ legs (KATL-KCLT-KFJK), I want Simbrief to take account the times based on the assumption that I am planning to fly from Point A to Point B to Point C in one large session. I want to then be able to utilize the timing functions similar to that of which we currently use to add fuel for taxi in/out and diversions; but then use a new function for ground turnover time to calculate:

EOBT at Point A ā†’ ETE (AIR TIME) ā†’ Arrival Time at Point B ā†’ Turn Around Time on Ground (30-45 Minutes Default) ā†’ EOBT from Point B ā†’ ETE(AIR TIME) ā†’ Arrival Time at Point Cā€¦ And etc for as many legs.

Being able to also edit the legs in the way of how the Alternates/ETOPS planning works so that if I do need to go in and edit something after arrival or in air I can just as easily as point to point planning as well.

This all would need to be able to closely match calculated Zulu times as current point to point planning does but it would be awesome for those of us looking to easily plan a day of flights without having to jump around and create new legs each time as well as try to plan in far advance.

Hope this gets the attention of many, thx!