MSFS G1000 Keeps wanting Authentication

Hi, Could I have an update on where we are on this from your side please? I’m totally out of options as to what I can do from my side.


Hello again! Thank you for the updates! Sorry for the delay, I was off over the weekend and there have been many other things going on today.

I am also puzzled and out of reasonable explanations. I guess the only thing left to try would be to schedule a remote session where I take a look at your installation directly!

Would you be open to this?

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Thanks for getting back to me. I’m open to anything or any suggestions!! I can be available anytime on Wednesday that best suits you. Just let me know when it’s convenient and I’ll make sure I’m available for you to remote in.

Do you think the msfs cloud profile could have anything to do with this? It really is the only thing that’s remained common from the time this started to happen…

That is a very interesting question… Unfortunately, I have no idea so I can’t answer it! The kind of storage that we are using should not be affected by any online features at all, but who knows what they come up with…

Cool, will reach out in DMs!

Thanks. I’ve held off doing a reset on the cloud profile… but if we still don’t find a solution, we’ll give that ago.

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I am happy to report that this issue was solved!

Ultimately, it turned out to be a corrupt value that caused issues - not the persistence itself. Based on the information we gained through our debugging session, we should be able to improve our handling of such unexpected scenarios and attempt to handle them gracefully before the issue causes trouble!

Thanks for your patience @Aidiwilliams ! I hope you get to enjoy the plugin again now. Do let me know if you have any further issues, or if the issue comes up again!

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You beat me to a post Malte! If ever a business wanted an example of customer support, then taking an example of the time and effort Malte has put into this is what they should strive for.

I followed along with his debugging and it was enlightening to watch the process (even if I didn’t understand everything!!)

Biggest thumbs up to Malte and all the Navigraph crew… Great job, great product great support… :smile:

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