MSFS Flight plan and Navigraph are different

Since May when Stephen (CTO) said things would be fixed, I see no change now in November.
Any hope of this discrepancy between MSFS and Navigraph can be fixed?
My own issue, wherein I supplied examples with screen-shots and plans, has not been replied or commented to, on in now one month.
Do we have to wait for MSFS2024?
Being a ‘NOOB’ in Navigraph, apparently, I may not post more than 3 replies???
Now, my 3 replies were all due to me sending information, as requested by Richard.
NAVDataFMS Data Developer
For reference, please see my maximum of 3 replies in topic:

Miggy, I feel your pain and would NOT hold your breath for Flight sim 2024 as its mainly a mission based simulator. I gave up with Navigraph which is a shame as I don’t know if they are at fault or Microsoft/Asobo for the wayward flight plans but 99% of my long haul flights ended in disaster when my aircraft, any aircraft wandered away from the flight plan as I started my decent into an airport, really frustrating when you have spent 3 hours or more in the air.

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I have split your posts from the topic they were originally posted in, as the issue posted by OP @magicands has since been fixed which means that the ones you are seeing are not related.

I also posted an extensive investigation in the new thread, please give it a read and let me know over there what your thoughts are!

Check it out here:

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