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Hello, I am totally new to all of this stuff. I have bee playing MSFS on the xbox for over a month now and im really getting into it. I bought the A321 neo lr pw. I noticed that it had a on-board computer with navigraph. After abit of reach i decided to get a navigraph subscription to link it to my new plane. So i get a code from the ingame table to link to my account, which i have nothing happened. The only message i get is the authentication sussessful. But nothing is happening, i can start the authentication process but i just get another code with authentication sussessful. Any advice please?

Hi Taylor! Welcome to the forum, happy to hear that you decided to become a subscriber!

Please note that Navigraph is not the developer behind this particular integration. Thus, I can only help you as a fellow consumer!

Based on a replay of a livestream that I found on YouTube, it looks like the process in this particular EFB looks like this:

  1. Open the “Navigraph Settings” page


  1. Sign in with your Navigraph account
  2. Navigate back to the home screen
  3. Open the “Charts” Page to access Navigraph Charts!


I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

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Hello Skysail, thank you for the reply. Iv managed to get it sorted thanks to your advice. Thank again, happy flying.

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