MSFS 787 FMS heavy mod RTE request "LOAD FP FROM SB" does not load SID and STAR waypoints

When I generate a flight plan I see the waypoints of the SID and STAR in the .PLN file but these do not load in the MSFS 787 Heavy Mod RTE request Load FP from SB. I see all the waypoints in LEGS between the SID and STAR but not the departure and arrival waypoints. Is this a format issue? Any ideas how to get these into the 787 FMS?

Hi, I think the 787 Heavy Mod loads the flight plan differently than through the .pln file. But the data they receive through the API does contain all the SID/STAR waypoints.

It’s more likely that they intentionally are not importing SID/STAR waypoints, just like real aircraft do. Normally SID/STARs are not uplinked with the route, and instead need to be manually selected by the pilots afterwards.

Please contact the 787 Heavy Mod team through their support channels if you have any other questions about this since it’s out of our control I believe.

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Thank you for that and I have contacted them. I have selected the SID/STARs manually up till now but my end goal was a workaround to the KPDX scenery by FlightBeam (iBlueYonder) as they recently updated the scenery and changed the facilities data to exclude runways 3/21 and now I cannot select a STAR from the FMS or MSFS worldmap.