MSFS 2020 VFR map search function after SU 10

AIRAC Cycle 2209 rev.2

When using the search function in MSFS 2020 VFR map , no result. See image below.

Remove the airac cycle with NNC - result is returned. See image below.

Could you please investigate. Many thanks.

thanks for the report - this and some other “strange” things since SU10 are currently under investigation … from us, from ASOBO, from WorkingTitle, … please be patient. We shall come back as soon we have an answer what happened here …


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Hi again,
very bad news … It seems its a caching bug in the core sim somewhere. With SU10, WorkingTitle uses a few new navdata APIs in the core sim and it looks that the caching/loading of external data doesn’t work as expected.

I’m afraid we have no possibilty here because our data are correct and complete - there was no cycle/data change between the previous version and SU10 and the data worked before without any issue.

Here a statement from the public WT discord to this issue:

… and here the answer about a fix:

Sorry, but we would help, when we could but we couldn’t. It’s frustrating I know, also for us but thats nothing what we have in our hand.


Many thanks Richard for the investigation and responses.


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