MSFS 2020 SU11 + Moving Map = Stutters

I’m running Navigraph 8 Charts app on my PC outside MSFS and when I turn on the Moving Maps / Follow Mode, I get micro-stutters. With it off, its smooth. Anyone else experiencing this?

I have the same problem.
Any solution?

I also noticed the same problem.

it seems to be just our problem, strangely

So you are running Charts Desktop or Cloud in a browser (not the in-game panel beta, I presume), on the same machine as the sim. And when moving maps is turned on, the sim stutters?

So just turning off moving maps, stutters disappear?

Also, if you quit Simlink, do the stutters disappear?



yes, correct.
it is exactly as you said.
it’s happen when on ground at the airport during the taxi

But not in the air?


not in the air. if there is in the air is absolutely imperceptible

I must say that I tried uninstalling and then installing the charts again and now the problem seems to have disappeared or almost completely disappeared.
But I have to check better.
If JJPIPC and VROULEAU can try too and verify.

Yep, installed simlink+Charts, reinstalled simlink/Charts and stutters and now gone

unfortunately the problem has reappeared and I noticed that it does it even in flight even if it is less noticeable