Moving Maps and G1000 airplanes

Hello, new subscriber here and I have a QQ. Should the ability to see your airplanes location on Charts work with G1000 airplanes? It works with my Vision jet and H-Jet (both G3000) airplanes but not on any with the G1000 (Charts work I can view charts) but I really think the ability to see your planes location on moving maps is so cool and the reason I’m trying the subscription. I’m on MSFS xbox and my Charts and SimLink (V are on my Windows 10 laptop.



Please see FAQ - Navigraph support of Xbox


I read the link and moving maps does not work on the xbox FSReborn FSR500 I wish it did but no, in fact any plane Navigraph enabled and using the G1000 avionics does not show up on moving maps.

V-jet: moving maps works has G3000
H-jet: moving maps works has G3000
TBO 930: moving maps does not work as expected. You folk and Microsoft need to get together and make it happen it would be totally awesome. As it stands my monthly sub is not worth only having two planes work on moving maps.

This is not true. But I might know what’s going on here!

For this feature to work, you need to turn it on first. You can do so in the Navigraph settings, accessible by navigating to Aux > Navigraph Settings in the G1000 using the right rotary knob!

Once in there, you should see an option labelled “Broadcast Position” - turn that on and you should have working moving maps! Make sure that you are signed into the same account in both the aircraft and in the Charts application.

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Yes, I got help from FSReborn they showed me how to enable Broadcast Position and it worked. :smile:

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