MSFS2020 / Xbox Series X / Just Flight PA-28 Bundle - HELP!

I’m trying to get Moving Maps to work on an iPad when using Navigraph / Simbrief in Just Flight PA-28 bundle. I can open and see the OFP on the EFB screen in the airplane. I can import the Simbrief OFP in Charts on the iPad. But I see nothing that connects the two. Online help topics are difficult to find for this. Anyone? Anyone?

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Could you please check out Moving Maps and G1000 airplanes - #4 by skysail for the moving map feature?

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Vishal Ahir

The PA-28 does not have the G-1000.

Then there is currently no way of getting moving maps with that addon. You can read all about what kind of features we support for XBox on our website:

Looking at the section about JF Piper aircraft, there is no support for moving maps mentioned. Compare this to the FlightFX HJet section just above, and you can see that it mentions “Moving maps on external devices” as a supported feature!

Apologies for the inconvenience! There is, unfortunately, nothing we can do about this at the moment, since Microsoft won’t let us publish anything in their store, and Xbox is a locked-down & “sandboxed” platform. We’ll always be looking to improve this situation however, and if the opportunity comes to make this work for the JF Piper series too, we’ll make it happen!

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Thank you for your reply. As suspected, the incredibly misleading sales pitch you referred to (and other vague, but leading articles) enticed me to buy 2 things with the hopes of experiencing the excitement of Navigraph integration on the Xbox platform: the Just Flight PA-28 bundle and a Navigraph subscription. Now that I have a direct answer, I know I’ve wasted a couple hundred dollars to support development on other platforms.

If you mind me asking, what is misleading about it? It clearly does not say that we support external moving maps in that section, while it is mentioned in another. If you also open the blog post referenced in that section, you see that we show the built-in moving maps feature as well, but no mention of external support. I’ll see if we can even add a disclaimer to make this even more clear!

At no point do we claim to have external moving maps working, and it is not within our power to make that a reality at the moment since this is a 3rd party integration by JustFlight, not Navigraph.

I understand that you feel disappointed. If this is how you feel based solely on the fact that moving maps is not working externally on a locked-down platform in a 3rd party addon that we have no control over, then we will happily refund you and cancel your subscription!

On the other hand, we strongly believe there is more value and many more use cases for Navigraph Charts than just with the JustFlight Piper PA-28. Several Xbox add-ons do support external moving maps, and the application provides you with a lot more information than just your real-time position!

If your only plan was to use it with the PA-28, and you really wanted external moving maps to work, then I fully understand that you feel let down. As mentioned, we can refund you and welcome you back in the future once JF has gotten an updated integration!

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I now understand that you can’t do it. However, your website is a well crafted tangled web of feature promotions that can lead the consumer to ASSUME that there is some sense of uniformity to feature offerings. Because I couldn’t find a straight “yes it is supported” or “no, it won’t work”, I was left to interpretation of intent. I specifically looked for disclaimers, but found none. Thank you for the offer of a refund. I’d be happy with the refund on the annual subscription (again… I trusted it would work… my bad), and then convert to monthly until I can see if there are other features that a fairly novice learner could use. I chose the Xbox platform for multiple reasons, not just MSFS, so I’ve got to work within those limitations that you’ve helped to see.

I understand, and we will see if we can improve our message to prevent this from happening again.

When you are ready to proceed with your refund, please email us at . We’ll take care of it as soon as possible, don’t worry!

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Thanks Malte - -

I emailed that address an hour ago (ticket #23196). I’m not giving up… just backing up some until features are available.


No worries, no hard feelings, thank you for showing interest and thank you for your patience. I hope you get to enjoy everything else we have to offer in the meantime!

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We have now updated the Xbox page, Navigraph, to provide additional clarity on which features are and are not supported for different aircraft on Xbox. See this table which can be found (and up-to-date) on that page:



Stephen -

Thanks! That should help others with their decisions in the future. Hopefully Xbox opens up their platform more in the next release.

Stephen -

I just saw the new video sharing xBox integration. AWESOME job! Thanks… that will help a lot of people, like me, who were confused about the integration. After seeing that, I will likely purchase the FSR500 and give it a try again.

Again - - thank you for addressing the issues and producing the helpful video.

Gene C

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Thank you for reaching out with this positive feedback!

I will make sure to pass it on to those involved in the making of that video. I hope you get to enjoy what we have to offer through the FSR500!

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