Movin maps diabled in FSX

Hi Guys,
since two days I discovered that Navigraph moving maps is suddenly unable to connect with my Simulator (FSX).
Nothing has been changed in the configuration at all, Simlink is running perfectly BUT no connection between Navigraph Moving Maps to FSX will be established.

Can anybody help? Would highly appreciate it.

Thanks and regards



Please upload latest logs and dlogs from c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink\logs\ using image upload icon .


Hello Ian,

sorry I´m afraid I didn´t get you clearly.

There are 2 different files , DLOG and a log txt document.

The last log.txt shows the following entry:

[2022-07-17 12:41:17] Navigraph Simlink Addon (v. for FSX/P3D (x86) has loaded.

[2022-07-17 01:27:31] Status: -6; Last error: 1400

So what exactly should I do ti solve the problem?



Hi Jochen,

I understand Vishal may have fixed this with you. Please confirm.


Hi Ian,
yes he did indeed. Seems it was a kind of demonstation effect. Miraculously it worked. However thanks for your fast help. It’s good to have a partner like Navigraph.
Best regards and thanks again

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You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Thank you for kind words which I shall pass on.

Happy flying


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