Exporting flightplan into PMDG 737 NGX (FSX)

The Navigraph website states that a flightplan can be generated including SIDs, STARs and approaches that can then be exported into FSX. It is a great tool and I can generate the flightplan and export it into my FMC but it will only export the route, not the SIDs, STARs and approaches. I can only manually add these myself after importing the route. This is very frustrating is this was the reason I signed up to Navigraph so I could import a complete route.

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Hello, thanks for the message. Actually in real-world operations it’s up to the flight crew to enter the SID and STARS as they could change within a METAR cycle. The SID and STAR will be on the release, but never actually saved into the FMS flight plan. That’s up to the crew, there are too many variables to “lock in” a SID or a STAR.
Hope this helps.

OK, that makes sense. Thanks for your help.

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