Missing Two Departure Charts from KEGE

I use both Foreflight and Navigraph Charts flight planning, plus Navigraph Data when flying PMDG 737NGXu. In comparing Foreflight Charts to Navigraph, I find the following Navigraph Charts missing:

  1. KEGE - APRES2, EKR3, KREMM Departures

I also found Navigraph has a Departure chart not found in Foreflight Charts list:

  1. KEGE - MEEKER Departure

However, Navigraph does includes KEGE APRES2, EKR3, and KREMM PMDG FMC Data?

  1. Navigraph does not include KEGE MEEKER3 PMDG FMC data, even though this chart shows up in Navigraph Charts?

Bill Clark

Hi Bill,

according the FAA, KEGE has official published three depature charts:

  • BEVVR1
  • EKR3
  • GYPSM6

That is also what we have in our charts. When charts are missing, than normally these procedures needs a special requirement/training/… or are airline specific.
Due this fact, it can be happen that you see such procedures included in the data but not in the charts (in this sample case the APRES2 and KREMM departure).
Also, it could be, that APRES2 and KREMM are outdated because APRES2 is nearly the same as BEVVR1 (with the same transitions) and KREMM the same as GYPSM6, but again that´s only a first assumption.

EKR3 = the MEEKER departure - MEEKER is simple to long for the ident and therefore the shortcut - but it´s included in the PMDG as EKR3:

Hope that helps,

Richard, it has been resolved, everything is ok!

Thanks for your help.

Bill Clark

Great, thanks Bill for the feedback - much appreciated …
Happy flying

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