Missing airport EDFL

I don’t get any charts for EDFL with my Navigraph subscription. I have read the FAQ on this at FAQ - Missing Airports in Charts, SimBrief, and FMS Data but in this case, I went to a local aeroclub / flying school’s open day / presentation day, they have a Jeppesen subscription and they get VFR charts for EDFL, so the explanation in the FAQ is not it.

Hello, the charts are implemented in the VFR Map you have to change to VFR and than you‘ll get all informations you need.

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Your screenshots don’t show the Jeppesen VFR charts for that aerodrome. For reference, here is what it should look like, extracted from 'with permission of Jeppesen" on the aerodrome’s website at https://aeroclub-luetzellinden.de/anflugkarte/

Yes, because Navigraph does not offer VFR Jeppesen charts but the charts are integrated in the World map and there you get the same infomobiles.

Oh, that’s unfortunate.

It is because the Jeppesen VFR charts are only available in Europe. Our app is worldwide.

As anzilimut says, the VFR map available in Navigraph Charts contains virtually the same information as the chart, as the data is sourced from the same place (Jeppesen):

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