Missing STARs in ZGGG and ZUUU

Hullo Sir
client beta 19, AIRAC 2014 rev.2
We have discovered that we are miss all STARs in ZUUU Chengdu Shuangliu Intl. and ZGGG Guangzhou Baiyun Intl. We’ve got so much troubles during our flights. Looking forward for your reply.

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first of all, thanks for your report and your details, but … :slight_smile:

Sorry, but that´s not a navdata issue it´s a scenery issue in the sim. The reason is, that runways are missing on both airports (or the idents are not correct in the stock sceneries):

ZUUU (according our data/charts):

ZUUU (in the sim):

You see, the sim has only runway 02/20 but not 02L/20R according the real-world data and therefore, the sim can´t assign the procedures to the correct runways.

The same with ZGGG …

ZGGG (according our data/charts):

ZGGG (in the sim):

Here you see, that runway 01/19 are complete missing but the reason is the same, when the sim can´t assign the procedures to a runway (when it´s missing or when the runway-ident is differ), then the procedures will be suppressed.

We have all procedures in the data but again, this is a limitation in the sim. Please report the wrong and missing runways ASOBO, we can´t do more here. As soon the runways are included in the stock-sceneries, you will see the procedures also immediately (no more update required from our side).

Hope that helps

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