Missing STARS in MSFS 2020 for VOBL

My Navigraph NavData Center displays “AIRAC cycle 2106 rev 4”.
I fly the Cessna Longitude with WT 300 0 rev 0.7,3 and Dakfly’s Mod 1.84 .
I also have a full subscription to Ultimate and Charts.
When I open Charts and look at STARs for VOBL ,i can see RIKBU7F aMong other STARS
However when I create a flight plan in MSFS from VABB to VOBL, I cannot see any "ARRIVALS. It only displays “DIRECT”. Short of Manfully entering every waypoint in the STAR, What can I do to fix this probleM?
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Hi again,
the reason for that is, that the default scenery in the sim is outdated/not accurate. It contains only one runway but VOBL has two runwas in real-life.

Here the real-world data:

… here the sim data:

… from google maps:

… comparing bing maps (very outdated):

MSFS suppress all STARs, when one STAR can´t be assigned to a runway and thats the reason why you don´t see the STARs. Sorry, but thats a MSFS limitation. We have all STARs in the database (also in the MSFS database), but the sim doesn´t shown it, due this missing runway.

This is a general issue not only at VOBL …


Much thanks for the prompt reply. A follow up question please,
Will ADD-ON Airports( eg VOBL from Flightsim.to) properly installed in the Community folder, override the default scenery in MSFS and will MSFS then display the proper ARRIVAL?
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Normally yes, and if the scenery has set the correct flags you should see all terminal procedures immediately. I tested the VOBL v2 now and here you have all runways BUT :slight_smile: … the scenery designer has made an mistake with the runway-idents for the second runway - instead of 09R had he included 9R - the zero is missing and therefore still no STARs because the sim can´t assign the runways 09R is not equal 9R :slight_smile:

Sorry for that but I will inform the scenery developer for that small issue …

Great catch!! Thank you for informing the developer
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