Missing STARs at cloudsurfasia-simulations WSSS scenery!

The STARs at WSSS from cloudsurfasia-simulations will not work!
When I deinstall Navigraph they will work!
Any solution for that?
Thank you for help!

Hi Andreas,
what I see is, that there is a missing runway - you see in the scenery only 02C/20C and 02L/20R

… but in real, you have 02R/20L also:

The logic in the sim is now, when a runway is missing (or a runway-ident is wrong) all STARs will be suppressed - I looks like, that this scenery is not up to date due the missing runway. When they add the missing runway, you should see all STARs because they are still included in the data but not visible due the internal logic in the sim.

So, please report this to the scenery designer …

Thank you for Info! I send to Cloudsurfasia!

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