Missing RWY 16C/34C in LOWG on the ToLiss A321 DEPARTURE page

To whom it may concern,

The DEPARTURE page of my Toliss A321 doesn’t show me in LOWG the 16C and 34C runways. In the ARRIVAL page it does.
Regarding the enclosed screenshot: the 34R is not an ILS, it’s grass. The OEG code belongs to the 34C runway.

I’m using macOS 12.3.1, X-Plane 11.55r2 and the ToLiss A321 V1p3p2. AIRAC cycle is 2203.

Thank you for your help.

it looks like, it´s an ToLiss issue because we don´t offer any SIDs for the L/R runways only for the Center runway. When you try the same in the default B737 (you can do that by your own too) you will see that there are all runways available. The ToLiss uses the default XP dataset, so the same as the default B737 or other default XP aircrafts:

Please report this to the ToLiss developer … look like a bug in their addon, sorry.


Thank you very much for your help, I will contact them.

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