Missing navigraph data for FBFT Francistown

Hi navigraph developers,
MSFS contains FBFT but no navigraph data are available. Therefore no simbrief flightplan can be created (essential for FBW A32NX FMGS).
For consideration THX in advance.
Bernd R. Schindler

Hi Bernd,
FBFT doesn´t exist any longer - the new ICAO code is FBPM:

MSFS has also the FBPM airport included but only the 11/29 runway - the main runway 13/31 is missing and therefore you don´t see the terminal procedures. We have all included but due the missing runway you can´t use it. Sorry.


Hi Richard,
many thanks for your quick support.
So I have to accept the facts and will trying to take the 11/29.
After check of the MSFS data I found that FBPM is onother airport there some hundred miles north of Francistown with RWYS 11/29 only, FBFT is still present in MSFS and has the “missing” runways. The data match the navigraph charts for FBPM.
Without using navigraph data I can land there.


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