FGAB not in Simbrief or Navigraph database

The airport with ICAO designation FGAB is not present in either the Simbrief or Navigraph Charts system. Do you have any idea why it is not there ? It exists in the MSFS database and there are sceneries for it on flightsim.to

please can you give us the airport name and the coordinates ro this airport. I haven’t found anything with this ICAO code.

Do you have a AIP reference to this?

Thank & cheers


This is where even more confusion comes in. Some places have it as FGAN and some as FGAB.

thanks - I have looked into the AIP both airport codes (FGAB or FGAN) aren’t in the AIP. It means, the goverment doesn’t publish this airport to the official source. Therefore not included, sorry.


That’s all very nice but we are using MSFS here. It stops being able to plan flights and so on. Volanta has the airport so why can’t Navigraph ?

Hi again,
MSFS uses Bing sat images as their source for airports/runways and as you possible know such images aren’t so accurate (thats the reason why so much runway idents are not up2date, or some airport icao codes are outdated). Volanta reads their (MSFS) bgls and therefore it’s also included.

We uses real world data from Jeppesen/Boeing and these data are depending on the AIPs of each country. When you look into the AIP of Euq. Guinea you will not find this airport. That doesn’t mean that this aiport doesn’t exist but it’s normally defined as locally, for local airlines only and therefore the goverment of these countries doesn’t add these airport in the official AIP.

Again, thats not a “mistake” of the source provider because the source providers get the data from each country and when the country doesn’t offer it, such airports are not included.

Hope that helps,

PS: you see the problem exactly on your posting, is it FGAB, is it FGAN? Without the help of the country (AIP), you don’t know which icao code is correct/valid but the country doesn’t offer these information, so which icao code is now correct?

It would appear navigraph charts does have this airport (FGAN) … the problem is Simbrief does not.

… but as you see, no runways. The airport is included but will be filtered due the missing runways.


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