Missing Approach

Hi everyone! I am new and I have searched the board, but I did not find anything close to my topic. My apologies if I have overlooked a thread. I have imported a route from Simbrief to Navigraph (LGKR to EDDF) and this route ends at DEHBI. I have been unable so far to select an arrival and approach that lead to runway 25L. The closest I come to is arrival DEBH1B and approach ILS RWY 25L (DF626), but waypoint DF626 and DF616 remain unconnected. It looks so easy in the tutorials - however, I seem to be doing something wrong and would appreciate your help. This always happens with EDDF - another route (LEPA to EDDF) ended at EMPAX and I was unable to find a combination of arrival and approach that works. Thanks in advance.

We need a FAQ entry about this I think. People seem to be obsessed with routes that connect :pensive:

AwareSoap, see: