Missing Airport ZUZH, China

Hi there,

There is already a question on the forum about missing data for ZUZH, answered with the remark that Chinese authorities do not release data on national airports.

I don’t encounter this situation (of missing airports) very often, but ZUZH is an airport I would really like to fly to in my 737. I admit I’m a bit helpless when I can not relay on SimBrief & Navigraph Charts for my flight planning…

My question: is it possible to somehow get data on a missing airport into the Navigraph data base? Something similar to using the Community folder in MSFS? Or deposit this kind of data in Navigraph format in the cloud, to be downloaded by users if needed? Just some thoughts…

A guy on Flightsim.to already provided quite a bit of Nav Data on ZUZH - could that be used?

Thanks and br,

Hi Hans,
we need the data in a specific format, it’s the standard aviation format called ARINC424, than we can add such records as tailored records as we do this ie. with VHHX.

To extract procedures from a scenery and/or the MSFS bgls are possible but for us not enough because the MSFS format is very basic and we need a lot of more fields/information for other addon formats.

So, when we get such records in the ARIN424 format, we can add it - otherwise, there is no chance to add it.


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