ZBOW.dat missing

A fairly major airport, but no such file present in the latest Navigraph cycle. Possible to add this for the next one? The airport has SID/STAR procedures too, with transitions, BTW. Thanks.

sorry, we don’t have any data for this airport. It depends of the country, to offer the data or not and China is very restricted here.


Ah, I see. I added the data below for ZBOW to airports.txt files in XP11 and now, instead of ‘not in database’ I have ZBOW (including procedures) available in my aircraft FMCs: all the SIDs, STARS, transitions… I suppose that data will be removed every time I update my Navigraph cycle, and I will have to add it again each time? Unless you can add it to the relevant files?

I can’t see procedures in Little Navmap though, as there is no CIFP dat file for the airport of course.


Hi again,
first, the airports and runways are not part of AIRAC updates of X-Plane 11/12. Also the file structure you are posted is not in the right format for XP11.

But anyways:
To add such tailored records we need the data in a special format, it’s calling ARINC424 format, version 18 onwards.

When you can offer your data in this format, we can add this in all provided datasets.


Not sure what you mean that the file structure is not correct for XP11, that’s the format in the XP11 airports.txt files. Perhaps you mean just in so far as Navigraph data is concerned. I’ll see what I can do re ARINC424. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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