Missing Airport: UUYX

UUYX is missing from the charts app. It’s there in MSFS and Sky Vector; however, SimBrief and Charts doesn’t find it.

On the charts app, it shows there is an airport there; however, it’s not labeled. The airport is located under waypoint “BILMI”

Skyvector: UUYX - Ust-Tsilma Airport | SkyVector


The airport is not part of the navdata delivery from Jeppesen and hence is not shown/selectable in our apps. We have no influence over which airports are included and which are not.

The runway is visually shown in Charts because it shows underlying data from OpenStreetMap, and it seems to be included there. But we take no airport data from OSM, hence it can’t be selected.



Additional to Stephens answer, there is no official record in the Russia AIP (at least I haven’t found any with this airport code in the AIP). This happens normally, when airports haven’t an international status.

When airports aren’t included in the AIP, they are also not included in the standard sources of the data provider because the AIPs of the countries are the data base.

Hope that helps

UUYX UST-TSILMA is published in Aerodromes classes 1A, 2B, 3C (ICAO), heliports and landing sites (book 4), data and charts in Cyrillic.

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