Looking for GNS 430 charts for xplane

I made this account to see see if I can get the files needed.
With no directions from Navigragh for new accounts and 1000’s of forums post trying to look for what I need is possible here!
Where are they?
I can not find what I need?
Do I need to pay for them or not?
How about some direction here Navigragh!!

a very friendly welcome at Navigraph …

There is a homepage which explains in very detail what you can expect when you subscribe to our service.

Our charts app offers real world aviation charts plus a great set of features (like, notams, weather, moving-map, flightplanning, …) simulator intependent. Also the navigational data, which contains a real world-wide database for most of the addons and also some simulators (X-Plane, MSFS).

So, what don’t you understand now exactly? Or better what do you search for? What does the topic mean “looking for GNS430 charts for x-plane”? Do you mean the in-game charts possibility in MSFS for X-Plane or what?

We can’t offer the same in-game panel in X-Plane as we have in MSFS, due technology reasons (two different platforms with two different ways to implement something).

So, when you mean, that you want to show our charts directly in the X-Plane GNS430, then it’s not possible and not available. When you don’t mean it, than please explain what you mean, or what is unclear from our home-page. We have tried to explain our service/products as good as we can and most of the user understand this, but of course some needs more help.

So let us know, how we can help you - we will do our best.


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