Minimum altitude "NESTB"

what is Minimum altitude “NESTB” ?

See attached photo

also there is a spelling error it says “Mininum” instead of Minimum

NESTB stands for Not Established

And yes, the spelling is a bit odd

Thanks, I guess that’s why Little Navmap is showing my planned altitude as incorrect. It doesn’t know what the correct altitude is.

We shall fix the typo :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Ian, can you confirm the error with Little Navmap is for this reason? Showing my planned altitude as in “violation” of the airway because it does not know what the correct altitude is?


It is best to ask the Little Navmap developer.


Hi! The typo will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the report!

Of course, @Vatnsfjord is completely right. There is also another possible non-numeric value:

NESTB - The minimum altitude has not been established by the appropriate authority

UNKNN - The minimum altitude is unknown

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