METAR and TAF wind wildly different

I attach (I hope!) a couple of screenshots for Inverness Airport (EGPE).

These show the METAR and TAF weather reports - and the wind direction and speed differ wildly.

What is going on please? I would have expected them to be pretty similar?

Am I misunderstanding things (quite likely).

Any guidance much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Alasdair

Hello Alasdair, welcome to the forum!

TAF is forecasted weather, and METAR is the latest reported actual weather.

The precision of forecasts is not always the best, and they sometimes change - as in this case! The latest update to this forecast aligns a bit better with the actual observed conditions.

Your confusion is understandable, there was quite a difference between the two!

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Brilliant - thank you - is reassuring to know I was simply impatient (should have waited for updated TAF), rather than totally misunderstanding.
The prompt reply was much appreciated.
Kind regards,

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