Measuring radial and distance from VOR for RNAV programming

The Black Square analog releases with their KNS80 and KNS81 RNAV units have re ignited the fun I used to have using this type of equipment back in the 70’s flying with my father (he had the KN74 in his Chieftain). I would like to request a feature that allows the user to click on a VOR and have a selection for measuring radial and distance to the tenths unit to a waypoint (custom or named) for more precise location. For example when you try to set the ONO NDB in Oostende Belgium from the KOK VOR the flightplanning feature gives you the radial and distance 059 degrees and 16nm. If you type in KOK/059/16 you will find that point is not close enough to the ONO NDB to safely use. With a little experimentation with inputting units to the tenths you can determine that KOK/060.7/15.5 is very close to the actual location. (thank you btw for allowing entering the tenths units when figuring this out, Foreflight does not let you do this!). If one were able to click on the VOR and then the desired waypoint and have Navigraph give the location to that detail it would speed up flight planning for using those KNS units greatly.

BTW thank you for the wonderful product.